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Coast of East of Bepi Hoffer

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The coast Ligure of East, is my preferred destination to spend some weks end in boat. To Mouth of Thin, a serious society of charter it has satisfactory boats. L' environment is immediately beautiful.
We set sail to late sunset, right-hand Lerici opens the gulf of You Spezia, illuminated by thousand of motley lights. Being all in grit we admire the starry sky, the lighthouse of the island of the Tub in front of us, is about to unthread on the left. A ship to the deep one an everything one with the rest of the lights of earth, will pass sottobordo respectfully maintaining also it on the left, just gone beyond we perceive her/it in movement in direction of the I bring merchant. I bring Venus, we distinguish him/it for his unmistakable characteristics and for the stupendous nighttime scenery that offers. We maintain the motor to the minimum cautiously turning inside the horticultural one reviving the lights that mirror him in the smooth water as the oil. We perceive some places boat, but we decide to give fund to the anchor and to spend the night in roadstead.
Isa, Mara and Elsi, turned on the stoves they prepare a delicious supper, while Armando, Fortunate, Michael and I propose a toast.
The boat, (a First 42) ours becomes "common house", shared by the group, that amalgamates in the awareness to be able to spend a pleasant adventure letting himself/herself/itself almost conduct for hand from the intelligent and discreet enthusiasm of the skipper Beppi.
The following day, to rise some sun, we allow us to the shoulders Porto Venus, the navigation for the destination of the trip. While the boat spins silent, the simple manoeuvres that Bepi, with patience and availability, it orders us to perform, they don't prevent us from admiring the distant coast. The landscape is splendid: the paesinis, leaned out on the sea, or hidden in the gulves, or suspended on the slopes of the mountains they appear in all of their simple beauty: here is Greater Rio, Vernazza, Red Mountain. Finally joints in front of S. Fruttuoso we remain in silence: marveled as children.
The day flows fast, and the evening, in the comfort shelter of the I bring of Chiavari, we consider to the seen beauties to the performed manoeuvres.
We undertake the long street of the return, it still waits us for a charming and happy day: the to get up some wind, sees us busy to the manoeuvres of sail, that have a good time a lot.
By now the time to our disposition it turns at the end, but these departed quarantott'ores in sea are already unforgettable, for of the neophytes which we am. Left the boat, ours "common house", Fortunate, Elsi, Michael, Mara, Armando, Isa and Bepi, have undertaken the street of the return, enriched every to have spent enthusiastically an adventure and coinvolgente.


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